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The role of sustainability in the fashion industry

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In the modern, rapidly-evolving fashion landscape, sustainability is more than just trendy terminology. With the growing eco-awareness of consumers, the fashion sector is pressed to innovate.

This is where the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system steps in, revolutionizing the way brands integrate sustainability at their core.

Ensure Legal Compliance with PLM

Beyond mandatory legal regulations, fashion companies can set their own green standards. PLM provides a unified platform to monitor and display adherence to these standards.

Brands can demand certifications from suppliers and manufacturers about textile quality and ethical factory conditions, ensuring the use of sustainable materials and practices. PLM aids in storing that documents, so all cycle is transparent and organized.

Optimize Design for Recycling with PLM:

An increasing number of companies are championing eco-friendly initiatives. Brands like Rothy’s encourage customers to return old shoes for material recycling, while Kinn company transforms old gold jewelry into new pieces.

In this case, PLM aids in managing and categorizing recyclable components, which optimizes supply chains. In a result, it’s easier for brands to design with the entire product lifecycle in mind, emphasizing recyclable or repurpose materials.

Consumer Engagement:

A recent study of Nielsen Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability showed that 66% of consumers are willing to spend more on sustainable brands. PLM systems allow for transparency, letting brands showcase their sustainability efforts, building trust and loyalty among eco-conscious consumers.

A perfect example is COS, which shares sustainability statistics and plans in its company. While this can be seen as a marketing strategy, presenting verified data has undeniable social benefits.

In the digital era, PLM isn’t just a management tool—it’s the bridge to a greener future in fashion. If you’re in the fashion industry, isn’t it time to consider the transformative potential of PLM?