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Development plans for 2024

Replenishment Module

Replenishment - infographic

The SilkPLM Replenishment Module is an advanced tool designed for stock allocation and replenishment, integrating features for price planning and sales predictions.

Companies may adopt varying strategies related to their goods, influenced by industry standards and seasonal demands. These strategies can range from replenishment to adjustments in pricing policies, depending on the specific context.

To enhance decision-making, the Replenishment Module will incorporate artificial intelligence. This AI will analyse data to suggest strategies tailored to the current market conditions. However, the final decision will always rest with the user, ensuring that human judgment plays a pivotal role in strategy implementation.

Planned Module Release Time: Q4 2024

Replenishment module SilkPLM
BI module SilkPLM

BI Module

BI module SilkPLM

A module for building advanced report models that support data-driven retail.

BI within SilkPLM is a system that leverages data warehouse technology to aid the decision-making process throughout the product management cycle. It comprises a suite of custom reports, tailored to meet the user’s specific needs. SilkBI is designed for simplicity, featuring an intuitive interface that makes configuration straightforward. It can be easily scaled and integrates seamlessly with modern databases.

An extensive range of charts and other graphical representations of data simplifies comprehension, even for those with a less analytical approach to product management. Consequently, any user can become proficient, making control and analysis processes simpler and more precise.

Planned module release time: Q1 2024.

Inspirations Module

Inspiration module - SilkPLM

This module enhances productivity at fairs, showrooms, and in collaboration with marketing and visual merchandising departments.

Inspirations are the sparks that ignite all creative work. They are derived from a variety of sources including global presentations, the Internet, influencers, trend forecasts, meetings with vendors, their showrooms, trade fair booths, and even the streets themselves. These sources fuel the creativity of designers, transforming initial sparks of inspiration into concrete product designs throughout the design process.

To streamline this creative influx, SilkPLM introduces the SilkCREO module. This tool is designed to meticulously collect inspirations, organise them, and integrate them with planned mood boards. With SilkCREO, you can swiftly transform these inspirations into foundational ideas for future product portfolios, even while navigating the bustling environment of trade fairs.

SilkCREO offers unparalleled flexibility, whether you’re in the field or behind your desk. It enables orderly note-taking, automates the export of notes from your mobile device to the PM system, and provides a platform for the creative analysis of collected materials using drag-and-drop boards.

Planned Module Release Time: Q4 2024.

Inspiration module - SilkPLM

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