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While creating a collection, choose models with the greatest potential and avoid model repetitions. Style, increase conversion rates, and boost cart value in your online store with our new tool:

SIlkAI by SplendiAi
Laptop displaying the SilkAI system
List of dresses similar to the one uploaded

Many needs, many tools, one artificial intelligence

How AI Supports Product Design and Sales
How AI Supports Product Design and Sales

Tangible benefits of using AI

The implementation of a solution similar to our AI tool, Stylist, has brought in stores in the fashion industry:


Increase in average order value (John Varvatos e-store)


Increase in conversion rate (Perry Ellis e-commerce)


Increase time spent on the site (John Varvatos e-store)


increase in total revenue (Cubavera e-store)

Benefits of using AI for your business

A chart showing the increase in conversions on the website.

Increase in average order value and conversion rate.

3 dresses, 2 of which are identical.

No cannibalizing products on offer.

A shirt surrounded by stylistically matched shoes, a watch, and shorts.

Maximum customization of models to meet styling needs.

Pants, watch, shirt, glasses, and shoes.

Savings in the marketing department through creative automation.

Armchair and its photo.

Quickly and effectively assist in the field work of designers and buyers.

Explore our family of AI tools


It creates real-time styling with the clothing being viewed at the moment.

  • It creates styling, for example, only from clothes at promotional prices, from novelties or according to other keys.
  • The entire style can be added immediately to the shopping cart, and in the stationary store – offered to be tried on. Online and offline sales can thus be combined, offering to supplement a model missing from the stationary store with one that is available online.
Matching outfits to the uploaded clothing photo.
AI-Powered Bot Assisting in Styling

Stylist bot

A bot that creates on-demand styling for every piece of clothing.

  • It has the same functionality as Stylist. It’s a promotional form simulating the behavior of a typical chatbot.
  • It operates on its own layer and can only appear when needed. It doesn’t require any intervention in the structure of the store’s website.
  • Through its form, it influences user engagement, persuades users to interact and inspires them by showing opportunities that are not available in other stores.

Sets maker

It creates real-time styling with the clothing being viewed at the moment.

  • It fulfills the function of cross-selling: it searches the collection for complementary products – visually matching the garment being viewed.
  • Creates a higher probability of making additional sales.
  • It is possible to freely determine the assortment of complementary products that will be displayed, for example, a category of shoes, handbags and outerwear can be added to dresses.
Matching Other Clothes to the Selected One
AI-Powered Search for Similar Clothes

Similarity Finder

Shows products similar to the one displayed.

  • It speeds up finding an alternative product close to what we are looking for.
  • Increases engagement with the customer (willingness to keep clicking)
    pending further content).
  • At the collection development stage, it speeds up work at the fair
    and in the supplier’s showroom.


It shows similar products, but with a modified feature.

  • The user can change the attributes of a particular type of clothing, such as sleeve length, pattern or color, with a single button, leading to even more relevant recommendations.
AI-Powered Search for Similar Clothing
AI-Powered Clothing Search from Photos

Look Seeker

Otherwise known as “Shop the Look ” – searching for clothes similar to those seen in the photo.

  • It allows the user to upload a photo that inspired him to the AI engine and search the store for products as similar as possible to those in the photo.
  • You can also specify which part of the garment shown in the photo you want to search for.
  • This function is also useful for e-commerce stores that use so-called styled product photos, also known as fashion image shots, where not all product details are visible.


Browser plug-in: searches for clothes similar to those seen in photos on portals or in other stores.

  • Explorer as a “viewfinder” placed on the browser bar can work on any website, blog, or social media platform.
  • Such functionality can add to, for example, a customer account in a store or provide endless inspiration to a designer.
AI-Powered Clothing Search from the Internet
Suggesting Identical Clothing Items

AI 404

Solves the problem of ‘out of stock’ or discontinued products.

  • The customer will receive a page of products available from the store’s current offerings, most visually similar to the product they were looking for.
  • Such a solution definitely increases the chances that the user will continue shopping.
  • No interference with the main store page (product page or catalog pages) is required, and the effects of such an implementation are easy to measure.

Marketer Assistant.

Admin panel for designers and marketing department (including Visual Merchandising – stores and e-commerce) to create styling using AI instead of manual composition.

  • Styling suggestions can be created easily and quickly by the store’s marketing department based on the provided AI graphical interface.
  • It is also possible to search for products similar to those already seen in published styles with the click of a button.
AI-Powered Automatic Styling Creation

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