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A next-generation product lifecycle management system tailored for your company

SilkPLM helps automate repetitive tasks, maintain information consistency, and consolidate the work of different teams.

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SilkPLM software on mobile tablet and smartphone

Our software consists of 3 interconnected modules.

Survey of 150 Companies Following PLM Implementation

The study titled “The State of PLM in CPG 2022,” conducted by Tech Clarity and Kalypso, involved over 150 companies engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and commercialisation of packaged consumer goods.

of them said that PLM is a must have digitalization.

confirmed that the system accelerated their development.

considered that it improved the quality of the products.

showed that PLM siginificantly reducted costs.

SilkPLM is a tool for both large and small companies.

It is designed to support growth across all business sizes.

Products SilkPLM

“SilkPLM… I dont know how they do it, but they’re very efficient…
I can recommend SilkPLM with a clear conscience.”

Adam Rybak, IT project manager HOMLA

torn paper
torn paper
Retail employee with a tablet and phone featuring the SilkPLM system.

With SilkPLM you manage what’s about to happen

Instead of reacting what’s already happened.

Our PLM for retail is solution that:

SIlkPLM is cloud based

Is cloud-based

SilkPLM, as a cloud PLM software, can be used from anywhere and on any device

SilkPLM Saas icon

Is provided as SaaS

Which allows you to scale system access depending on your needs and manage it freely.

SilkPLM is modular

Is modular

You can select the modules you need.

SilkPLM is easy to implement

It’s quick to deploy

Through a modern platform and low-code modelling.

SilkPLM mobile application

It also offers a mobile app

Which allows easy field work and accelerates drafting the design photo documentation.

It’s growing and improving constantly

Development plans for 2024

SilkPLM Replenishment Module

Replenishment Module

This module is an advanced tool that connects to price planning and sales predictions features.

SilkPLM BI Module

BI Module

A module for building advance report models that support data-driven retail.

SilkPLM inspiration module

Inspiration Module

A module that facilitates working at fairs, showrooms and cooperation with the marketing and visual merchandising departments.

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Make friends with the NEW …PLM systems

Recently, in the companies I know, I heard so often: “Magda, but after all…” that I have decided to write about it. Since publishing texts is still a new experience for me, I will begin by introducing the idea of being new — the “new” in the company.

PLM – Process operation or operation process?

In the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) context, a ‘Process of Action’ can be understood as the series of steps taken during a specific operational procedure. On the other hand, ‘Action of Process’ might refer to the tasks carried out and decisions made to improve and optimize these operating procedures.

Watch our live presentation that will let you discover:

  • Why our PLM streamlines work even with a very large product base.
  • Why the SilkPLM system can be easily adapted to your business.
  • Why SilkPLM got you covered at every step.
  • Why will you navigate the SilkPLM system from the very start as if you always knew it.
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