Bringing products to market faster, cheaper and more efficiently with SilkPLM

“SilkPLM…I don’t know how they do it, but they’re very efficient… I can recommend SilkPLM with a clear conscience.
– Adam Rybak, HOMLA IT project manager

Ikona pantonierki
Survey of 150 companies after the implementation of PLM
Survey of 150 companies after the implementation of PLM

What is SilkPLM? (Product Lifecycle Management)

  • It’s PLM software for companies that need to handle a growing product base.

  • With Silk PLM, you can organized and manage a products portfolio spanning from several dozen up to hundreds of products.

  • You can obtain access to data with just a few clicks in the app, which stores data in the cloud.

Ikona zarządzania z łątwościa

Manage with ease

With SilkPLM, the entire lifecycle of your product is within your reach – from the idea, through designing, production, all the way to sales and service.

Ikona "Kreu z pomysłem"

Create ingeniously

Create unique and attractive products, while managing the design process efficiently.

Ikona "Przekształcania projektów"

Transform designs
into products

Integrate ideas, plans and production schedules so that you can bring products faster into the market.

Ikona lupy i danych

Locate data
in a flash

Achieve full transparency and quick access to information with the flexible search features in the PLM system.

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  • Why SilkPLM streamlines work even with a very large product base.
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  • Why SilkPLM got you covered at every step.
  • Why will you navigate the SilkPLM system from the very start as if you always knew it.