Manage, track and analyze products from design to retail.

Grow your bissnes

The SilkPLM can scale your bissnes to the next level, and support your company in growth mode! Plan, design, develop, and source multiple collections and styles while streamlining collaboration among creative, technical, and commercial teams—and partners

Accelerate your Workflow

Our PLM software delivers a flexible workflow space to closely monitor critical processes in each step within the product lifecycle.

Increase your revenue

Optimalize your portfolio based on the analytical data from the past seasons . Sell more thanks to investing in products with the best customer fit and margin.

Reduce TCO.

Our cloud-based (SaaS) solution means low up-front costs, no hardware to buy and install and no IT resources to hire. The ultra fast implementation means a rapid time-to-value !!!!

Work smarter with SilkPLM software

How Can Silk PLM for Consumer Goods Drive Your Success?


A single source of information to avoid mistakes and duplicates. All product information, components, size specs, technical annotations and media are stored and managed in one place.


With multiple production sites, teams, manufacturers and vendors spread across the globe, a collaborative software solution is needed to manage your global business practices efficiently and achieve complete transparency. SilkPLM is the key to all your business requirements in one solution !!!!

Digitalize your workspace

Save your measurement tables, Create reusable templates, enter sizes with automated gradations. Keep your ideas on hand. Create your trend lists and share them with your colleagues. Access the solution anywhere, anytime.

Craft your plan

About Us

How Can Silk PLM for Consumer Goods Drive Your Success?

SilkPLM creates more than just technology. We create value for our customers.

The technological expertise of SilkPLMs teams, their knowledge of best practices in each industry and powerful data analytics capabilities lie at the heart of the company’s value proposition.



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