Product module for the gardening and other retail

Hands holding a laptop with SilkPLM system surrounded by products


  • Convenient field layout in product files and product filtering by composition, component delivery batches and certificates accelerates work.
  • Easy management of recipes and users. Freedom to copy and archive product files facilitates keeping ultimate order and recipe access is protected by the user rights scheme.
  • Intuitive composition calculator and embedded algorithms for converting larger component quantities deliver a precise recipe for the desired final product.
  • The ALERT function notifies about closing the creation stage or reminds about updating data and helps moving the user to the appropriate place in the system.
  • Clear boards for reviewing and accepting product composition, with automatic suggestions for packaging descriptions, convenient filters and personalized column layout facilitate everyday work of the chemists, analysts and production technicians.
Hands holding a laptop with SilkPLM system surrounded by products


product manager

For the product manager


For the IT team


For the management board


For the logistician

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Product Management PLM for gardening
Product Management PLM for gardening