Product module for the home decor industry

SilkPLM Product Lifecycle Management for home decor
  • Intuitive product filtering system that encompasses all product parameters.
  • Flexible rights management – defined roles ensure users can only access selected data.
  • Displaying product file characteristics.
  • The ALERT function reminds about tasks and takes the user to the place in the system where an action needs to be performed, all of that with just a single click.
  • Clear boards for reviewing and accepting products for a particular season facilitate analysis.
  • Easy review of a season’s budget against the plan provides a comprehensive overview of task completion.
SilkPLM Product Lifecycle Management for home decor


Product Management PLM for Merchant

For the merchant

Product Management PLM for Logistician

For the logistician

Product Management PLM for product manager

For product manager

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Home Decor 4
Home Decor 4