No more chaos
and delivery delays

SilkPLM – a state-of-the-art system that allows you to combine the management of an emerging product with the logistics of its delivery.

Laptop with SilkPLM logistics module view.
Logistician and laptop with a view of the SilkPLM system.

Full control over the resulting product

Illustration of a dress design

Product module

Quickly view product information through an intuitive interface.
Collection of printouts from the SilkPLM system

Purchasing module

Full transparency in purchasing processes.
Collection of printouts from the SilkPLM system
Illustration of a container ship

Logistics module

Easily access information from anywhere in the world and always choose the best freight forwarder.

Freight exchange a secret weapon in logistics management

Choosing the best freight forwarder deal has never been so easy!

  • Create inquiries in just a few clicks.
  • Invite your shippers to SilkPLM and present them with offers without leaving their work environment.
  • Easily compare and always choose the best deals!
Laptop with a view of the SilkPLM Freight Exchange.
Shipment menu
Inbox in SilkPLM
Laptop z widokiem giełdy transportowej SilkPLM

Logistician – check out what you stand to gain!

Tranche number
Tablet with a view of the SilkPLM logistics table.
  • Receive clear messages inside the system.
    Thanks to the entire company working on a single system, you always receive instructions on when to start logistical operations. Intuitive and simple.
  • Take full control of your orders.
    You have a detailed order plan at hand, so you know exactly what needs to be done and when. No more surprises, just precise information.
  • Gain more flexibility in deliveries.
    Independently distribute tranches in containers. Gain management freedom and increase savings!
  • Automate integration with shipowners.
    For integration with shipping lines, the container number is all you need. You automatically gain access to all the necessary information.
  • Don’t be surprised by the cost.
    You receive notifications about transportation costs. Now you know what is happening with the budget and avoid surprises.
  • Instantly generate delivery plans.
    The system creates an aggregate delivery plan for the warehouse, and you can take care of on-time delivery much easier.
Phone view with column filtering option in the SilkPLM system
Tranche number
Delivery week
Phone view with column filtering option in SilkPLM system

The main benefits of the SilkPLM system

It takes the form of SaaS

Scale access to the system according to your company’s needs and manage from an easy-to-use panel.

It is modularly constructed

Choose only the items you really need and create something perfect for you.

It is quick to implement

The first users have been logging into the system for as little as 3 months after the first day of analysis.

Ikona integracji systemu SilkPLM z innymi programami

SilkPLM Integration

We will integrate SilkPLM with the business software you use, customizing the tool to fit your company.

Ikona informatyka przed komputerem

SilkPLM Technical Support

We will provide you with unlimited technical support for the SilkPLM system through an easily accessible channel on the Slack application.

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