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Don’t miss the Retail Technology Show 2024 in London between April 24 and 25, where the retail industry meets technology! See for yourself how SilkPLM, will transform your approach to product management!






Olympia, London



According to the study “The state of PLM in CPG”.

conducted by Tech Clarity and Kalypso, which included more than 150 companies that design, develop, manufacture and/or commercialize consumer packaged goods:

z nich stwierdziło, że PLM to must have digitalizacji

z nich potwierdziło, że system przyśpieszył ich rozwój

uznało, że przyczynił się do poprawy jakości produktów

wykazało, że dzięki PLM znacząco zredukowano koszty

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How will SilkPLM help Your business? Let’s talk on the spot!

We invite you to a meeting with our experts today, who will show you how our system works and point out all the benefits it brings.

They will also walk you through the process by which your company will optimize product lifecycle management.

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We will talk and show you how our live system works.

Do you know what SilkPLM is?

It is a modern product lifecycle management (PLM) software

PLM facilitates these repetitive tasks that always arise in product management. In no time at all, it turns them into a fast and very efficient work on the entire product catalog.

SilkPLM also provides flexible adaptation to changing market requirements and integration with various tools and platforms.

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SilkPLM mobile application

Smart product management no matter where you are in the world

Our product lifecycle management software offers tools for effective teamwork, regardless of location. It provides control of product data, management of technical documentation and project changes, and tracking of work progress and process efficiency.

It’s a comprehensive solution that improves product quality, reduces time to market, and increases your competitiveness!

Do you work in retail? See why you should meet us at the fair!

You will receive personalized advice, tailored to your challenges and goals.

You will get to know our great team of experts.

You will learn about the latest trends and direction in the retail industry.

Who will you be able to talk to at the fair?

Meet our trade show dream team!

Maciej Kraus SilkPLM

Maciej Kraus

Founder | Managing Director

Ula Nairne

Head of Sales

Zdjęcie - Magdalena Majchrzak-Puczyńska - SilkPLM

Magdalena Majchrzak-Puczyńska

Head of Marketing

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