How AI is changing design and creative work

Small robot with brush and paints

At SilkPLM, We look with interest at the impact of AI on designing, and both, creative, and analytical work. We recently delved into Fred Nicolaus’s insightful article in Business of Home called “How to use AI to improve your design business” and want to share some thoughts.

Here’s just a few of a many points the author pointed:

  • Designers use AI to make things like website content and newsletters.
  • AI opens up many new chances for creative people. It’s also a form of support for creative brainstorming to add some inspiration or speed up the initial stages of work on projects.

AI offers opportunities and poses new challenges for designers, product managers and analytics.

We at SilkPLM believe in AI’s power to help with both creative and smart tasks. This includes for example quickly figuring out how much products we need based on past sales or making new collections based on what worked before.

Some of that points we discussed in our post “Revolutionizing Retail: How AI and PLM Systems are Changing the Game”.

Even with AI’s help, we believe, that people should make the final business decisions and decide how projects should look, in both home decor and fashion. AI is a great tool, but the real magic happens when people add their touch.