2 sales channels with 1 tool

Do you own a chain of stores with beautiful displays, but sometimes the goods come back slightly damaged? Do you want to sell them quickly but don’t know how? Your solution is our application.

SilkReValue is:

A mobile application enabling quick transfer of offers for defective products from a physical store to an online outlet.

A cloud-based SAAS application providing you with 24/7 access and the ability to update your online outlet offers.

The perfect tool for managing what seems unmanageable: products damaged due to display or accidental events.

A time saver and cost reducer, eliminating unnecessary return shipments to the warehouse.

The ability to offer the same product simultaneously in offline and online stores, doubling the chances of a sale.

How to quickly sell damaged goods?

Create a record for the damaged product.

Include the following details:

  • category,
  • assortment and its necessary attributes,
  • photo of the damaged product, which you can edit (crop, add description, mark the defect location),
  • detailed technical description of the product.
Dwa widoki aplikacji - edytowanie zdjęcia i kartoteka

Automatically generate:

  • a verbal description of the damage for online publication,
  • an appraisal of the defect (creating an outlet price) and the discount value (with the option of supervisor approval),
  • an EAN number,
  • product labels with markdown indications (EAN sticker, price sticker, and others).

Send the offer to the outlet

  • generate the Product Feed,
  • SilkReValue integrates with the online store’s CMS and ERP through API access,
  • at the end of the month or season, generate reports with all damaged products.
Dziewczyna trzymająca uszkodzony but i wysyłająca kartotekę dzieki SilkReValue

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