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Feature availability


per user per month


per user per month


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Number of users 1 up to 60 above 60
Product module
Panel for subcontractors yes yes yes
Product directories yes yes yes
Technological data yes yes yes
Production Manuals yes yes yes
Evaluation of prototypes yes yes yes
Cost calculator yes yes yes
Branding configurator yes yes yes
Budget and collection plan yes yes
Collection Calendar yes yes
Alert system yes yes
Purchasing module
Automatically updated supplier database yes yes yes
Automatic transport cost calculator taking INCOTERMS into account yes yes yes
Offer comparison engine yes yes yes
Contract and order configurator yes yes yes
Delivery Calendar yes yes
Alert system yes yes
Logistics module
Configurator of tranches, shipments and destination warehouses yes yes yes
Warehouse delivery plans yes yes yes
Real-time tracking of (maritime) transportation More info Up to 20 containers (inclusive) yes
Automatic update of the delivery date yes yes yes
Transportation Exchange yes yes
Self onboarding yes yes yes
Access to tutorials and training videos yes yes yes
Online service support yes yes
Pre-implementation analysis yes yes
Module configuration yes
Access to the platform and training environment yes
Additional functionalities
Mobile app yes yes yes
Offline app yes yes
Integration via API yes yes yes
Importing bulk data yes yes yes
Exporting bulk data yes yes yes
Tailor collective views to user needs yes yes yes
Tracking the history of changes yes yes yes
Determining the scope of authority yes yes yes
Delegation of authority for replacement time yes yes yes


Branding – from design to print preparation

SilkPLM enables the creation of printed item templates that identify the product by price, size, or EAN number and automatically fill them with data.

Our automation saves a lot of time and reduces the risk of errors on prints, thereby also reducing the chance of inadvertently misleading
the customer.

What materials can be prepared in this way?

Different types of branding elements can be added to each product, such as:

  • ready-made tags and hangtags or just stickers with the EAN number and price,
  • stickers for boxes, directly on the product,
  • care labels,
  • and other printed materials requiring product identification such as certificates or warranty cards.

A single .indd template can be used repeatedly to identify multiple products.

Zestaw metek i naklejek z kodami kreskowymi generowanymi przez SilkPLM

What exactly does it involve?

Based on the layout provided by you, our graphic designers prepare a template in Adobe InDesign.

At the appropriate stage of the process, the system automatically fills it with data regarding the specific model, its dimensions, necessary technical and color details. This way, from one layout, a complete catalog of PDF files ready for printing is created.

It’s also possible for your graphic designer to independently prepare the .indd file and provide it to us. However, it’s important to remember that the template ready to be filled with data must comply with our guidelines regarding how data is presented by the SilkPLM system.

While our assistance saves you time and effort, if you choose the self-service option, we will provide you with guidelines on how to prepare such a template.

What do we need to prepare a template for you?

  • We need a PDF file with the template layout and all dimensions, font types, and sizes applied to it.
  • The logo, if it is to be included on the respective element.
  • A list of data that should be included on the prepared print template.
  • Design guidelines, if you also expect assistance in creating the layout, which is also possible.

Prices for our services in this area:

  • Designing the layout and creating a new template (.indd file)

    – 600 PLN netto

  • Creating a new template (.indd file) – 400 PLN net
  • Creating a variant of an existing template (.indd file) – 100 PLN net

*A variation could be, for example, replacing an icon or a single text in a previously created template.

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