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Make friends with the NEW …PLM systems


Recently, in the companies I know, I heard so often: “Magda, but after all…” that I have decided to write about it. Since publishing texts is still a new experience for me, I will begin by introducing the idea of being new — the “new” in the company.

Fear has a big eyes


Product lifecycle system as a change in a company, and as a change, it can be both frustrating and motivating at the same time. Learn about the concerns of PLM implementation!


“Magda, but after all” Podcast episode #1 – Make friends with the new


In the first episode of the podcast series “Magda, but after all…,” the focus is on the importance of embracing new approaches, systems, and technologies in companies. The episode delves into the concept of implementing “new” in a company and highlights various aspects that can be new, such as approaches to customers, products, employees, and cooperators, as well as new methods of communication, management, organization, and standardization.

Watch our live presentation to discover:

  • How SilkPLM streamlines work, even with a very large product base.
  • Why the SilkPLM system can be easily adapted to your business.
  • How SilkPLM supports you at every step.
  • Why you’ll navigate the SilkPLM system from the very start as if you always knew it.
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