The team was formed without coincidence

Maciej Kraus SilkPLM

Maciej Kraus

He had a dream from which an idea was formed and then a plan. He also had the courage to pursue it and a group of friendly professionals whom he infected with his vision of the best PLM system under the sun – SilkPLM. He also infected them with enthusiasm and confidence that together they could do it…. and they gave :) This is how the team was formed and the name?

Owning one’s own business is like an expedition into the unknown, risky but enticing and exciting, offering hope and purpose, challenging like an untrodden path, like the Silk Road. SILK

On the other hand, it’s the brutal mundane of life and the everyday reality of consulting that you have to take up arms against, constantly and consistently. CON

This is how CONSILK was founded

They formed it from the left:

Joanna Wrona – a great business analyst, a mainstay of calmness and attentiveness, she overlooks nothing, considers everything, then simplifies and proves with a smile that this is the way it should be.

Malgorzata Madejska-Ciejka – a young, ambitious and incredibly capable programmer, a scrum master like few, a mega creative practitioner who breaks down every problem.

Wojciech Pope – a modest but outstanding programmer, full of passion and enthusiasm, and endless patience for others. Today he leads a team of developers, sharing his knowledge and experience with them.

Pavel Klyuchevsky – an artist among “brainiacs,” a musician with a knack for marketing and a singing salesman, a light-hearted team spirit on special assignments.

Maciej Kraus – a dreamer, visionary, passionate about mathematics and algorithmic puzzles, programmer – self-taught who after graduation became a super professional, working for the best at home and abroad. Brave optimist, open to the world and people. Prudent boss, good leader and friend.

SIlkPLM zespół

Today there are more of us!


Slawomir Put and Igor Samek

Programmers, studio and gig buddies, two complementary temperaments, like two poles of the same battery, like frontend and backend.

Barbara Piekielniak

Barbara Piekielniak

A born salesman, a steadfast and smiling conqueror of chaos.

Michael Noga

A talented developer and traveler, constantly on the road to excellence and continuous development.

Mariusz Wilczek, Magda Majchrzak-Puczyńska

Magdalena Majchrzak-Puczynska and Mariusz Wilczek

That is, a marketing dream team. Fashion expert with years of experience and a head full of ideas and super creative, mega capable and patient … young wolf of business :).

Piotr Oleszczuk

Piotr Oleszczuk

An IT expert and experienced implementer, he always works at the intersection of technology and business, patiently and consistently pursuing his chosen goal. 

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