Who is PLM for?

Is SilkPLM a tool only for large companies? Absolutely not! Our team has experience with large projects completed for the biggest players in the market, but we also understand the challenges faced by small and medium companies. SilkPLM is a configurable tool that adapts to the company, not the other way around. SilkPLM facilitates growth, regardless of your business size.

Our PLM for retail is solution that:

Manage the entire process

Analyze time, costs, pricing and goods policy in a single tool.

Drive efficiency

Increase individual and team productivity, as well as optimize work processes.

Reduce costs

Control the budget and product development costs with even greater efficiency.

Set up your own alerts

SilkPLM monitors processes, detects data anomalies and sends notifications.

Analyze activity history

Eliminate errors and vulnerabilities in the process. Optimize, correct, improve. Optimize, correct, improve.

Manage quality
and availability

With SilkPLM, the entire lifecycle of your product is within your reach – from the idea, through designing, production, all the way to sales and service.

SilkPLM implementation stages

(Usually up to 3 months from the first day of analysis)

  • We are at your disposal at every stage of the process and following its completion.
  • The software will be adjusted to the company, not the other way around.
  • A dedicated team of experts, with many years of experience, will perform the implementation.
  • Online support over a dedicated Slack audio channel and chat (response within 15 minutes during working hours).
Deployment chart for SilkPLM
Deployment chart for SilkPLM

SilkPLM implementation results


  • Duplicates, errors and data in different files and tables, often with names that are difficult to compare.
  • Non-intuitive service and difficulties with finding information efficiently.
  • Ineffective communication between the departments.
  • Imprecise deadline estimation.
  • Manual analyses.
  • Manual order generation.
  • Delays in completing files with data.
  • Reacting to consequences of past events.


  • Ordered information architecture, combining data from Excel files into a single tool.
  • Easy to use, intuitive system, allowing the user to adapt it to their preferences.
  • Data available in real-time.
  • Alert system indicating stage readiness or implementation delay.
  • Automatically generated reports.
  • Automatic generation of orders, branding, contracts and design guidelines.
  • Integration of SilkPLM with other systems and sales channels.
  • Managing what is yet to happen.

Collaboration offer

If you’re interested in our pricing offer for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

After receiving access, all existing SilkPLM system users are granted unlimited updates to the latest system version.

We ensure integration of SilkPLM with other popular business software. There is also an independent collaboration option, involving IT services, consulting and analytical works in the customer’s organization.

We provide ongoing technical support related to the SilkPLM system. All of that through a Slack channel provided to the users.

Watch our live presentation to discover:

  • How SilkPLM streamlines work, even with a very large product base.
  • Why the SilkPLM system can be easily adapted to your business.
  • How SilkPLM supports you at every step.
  • Why you’ll navigate the SilkPLM system from the very start as if you always knew it.