Your own brand – strategy or fad?

More and more well-known companies are opting for their own brand, and their new products are beginning to dominate the offerings and customer choices. What makes them pursue their own brand of products? Willing to increase margins? Need to retain customers? Improving the image and quality of offerings?

Regardless of your motivation, your own brand can be a strategy for effective and rapid growth. And we can help you with that!

Obrazek przedstawiającty budowanie wieży z klocków z napisem brand

How to create your own brand in 3 steps?


Market research and customer surveys

Ilustracja drzewa rozwoju marki własnej

What will make you stand out in the market?

By collecting data on your existing offerings, through the SilkPLM system, we will help you determine what your strengths and potentials are that are easiest to develop.

Analysis of the product data collected in the system will clearly indicate to you those most needed, most preferred and expected by your customers, and at the same time those with the highest margin, quality of workmanship and shortest lead time.

In a word, the SilkPLM system is a compass that will show you the possible direction of development.


Product creation

It’s easy! With us you will define the value of the brand and create a visual identity.

Yes… it is a challenge for marketing.

However, if you want to include any graphic markings in your new products, our SilkPLM graphic designers will help you enter them into the system to automate your work.

With one click, you will generate labels, WCLs, hang tags, stickers, flyers, packaging with all the codes, sizes and as much information as you need.

We will help you so that you don’t waste precious time on the repetitive and can devote it to creating what is new and unique.

Tablet z widokiem systemu SilkPLM

Do you know how to lay out the process: From product creation, to production, to transportation logistics?

Just as no one can replace you in design, nothing can replace the SilkPLM system in guiding you flawlessly along the path from idea to product in the warehouse.

With SilkPLM, you will gather all your projects in 1 place, along with their full documentation such as:

  • results of laboratory tests of components,
  • Certificates of origin and quality,
  • Functionality tests of the prototypes,
  • customer reviews and more…

How to formulate clear guidelines for suppliers? This is also where SilkPLM steps in.

This system will make it easier for you to work with guidelines and control the quality of the resulting product. You’ll effortlessly wade through the intricacies of collecting bids, negotiating and formulating orders.

With his help, you will evaluate all the prototypes and confirm the final one, the ideal one, to give the password to the logisticians to:

  • setting up bookings, commas, orders or vice versa,
  • The division of orders into tranches,
  • forwarding control,
  • And scheduling deliveries to the warehouse,

so that all orders arrive safely and on time at their destination.

Delivery Week
Widok tabletu z modułem logistycznym


Product launch

Kobieta trzymająca butelkę wody i otaczający ją proces rozwoju produktu

How to further develop and improve products, marketing, customer experience, social responsibility?

This is a natural consequence of working on your own brand. The simpler the process of creating new products, testing ideas and finding new solutions.

With the help of the SilkPLM system, which helps on a daily basis by organizing, automating and transferring data and descriptions, you will be able to shop around for the “new”.

Your sales team will take advantage of the information contained in the system and share it instantly in the online store.

This will enable marketing to, by emphasizing the transparency of the path a product has taken from idea to physical object, win new customers – increasingly aware of their own needs and those of the environment in which they live.

SilkPLM is your easy way to your own brand

Give us a call and benefit from our experience and we will tell you more about the SilkPLM system and:

  • What gives and is there a point in investing in your own brand?
  • When to consider its introduction and on what scale?
  • Where to start and what to do to make its creation hurt the least?
  • How do you reconcile it with your existing business?
  • And about what else will interest you.
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Why is it worth it?

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Magdalena Majchrzak-Puczynska

Head of Marketing

Hey there! I’m Magda, book a meeting online and I’ll tell you how we can help you create your brand!