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“Magda, but after all” Podcast episode #1 – Make friends with the new

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What is this podcast about?

In the first episode of the podcast series “Magda, but after all…,” the focus is on the importance of embracing new approaches, systems, and technologies in companies. The episode delves into the concept of implementing “new” in a company and highlights various aspects that can be new, such as approaches to customers, products, employees, and cooperators, as well as new methods of communication, management, organization, and standardization.

The episode specifically emphasizes the significance of making friends with new systems, particularly in the realm of product management. It acknowledges the complexities that arise when dealing with a range or collection of products with various attributes and attributes, and the challenges of coordinating the entire process, ensuring timely deliveries and maintaining quality.

The solution proposed is the implementation of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems, also known as PDM (Product Data Management) or PIM (Product Information Management) systems. These systems facilitate the management of the entire product lifecycle from concept to production, sale, and beyond.