Receive a lifetime margin of 30% for each customer.

Receive recurring revenue from subscription updates, extensions and license renewals. The most successful sellers also receive additional bonuses and rewards. We provide a predictable, business-readable subscription fee model.

Are you interested in the software offered by SilkPLM?
We are happy to clarify doubts and answer all questions regarding the services and software offered. Additionally, our consultants will prepare an online presentation or an offer tailored to the needs and requirements of your organization.

SilkPLM guarantees assistance in implementation and configuration.

We provide our partners with quick technical and sales assistance, including pre-sales and sales support.

E-learning consultant, VAR, software vendor, distributor or provider?

Wou can take advantage of the affiliate program and start increasing your income today.

Discover the benefits of SilkPLM

It requires a tool to meet its needs
– such as SILK PLM.

Six features of our PLM system: Intuitive panel, fast implementation, flexible expansion, integration with other systems, scalability, and no need to invest in your own infrastructure

Why SilkPLM?

Together, we can help your customers achieve service excellence: by combining your knowledge of the customer process with our intelligent and flexible PLM product life management solution.

Stable cooperation with the Polish provider of PLM services:

High commission,  professional trade support, transparent terms of cooperation with the Polish producer, compliance of the systems with the GDPR, agreement with no sales thresholds.