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Product module Budget planning module Orders module Branding module Seasons module
  • creating a multi-level tree of categories
  • Databases of product features containing names, material compositions, and colors
  • Easy data import from .xml files directly into SilkPLM
  • Creating lists of seasonal products
  • Creating pre-production product samples and reviewing them
  • Create budget plans for a selected season that include planned quantities, purchase prices, and purchase price values.
  • Edit and add orders with three levels of detail that aggregate details such as delivery terms, readiness dates, order status, the number of products ordered, and their documentation
  • Generating a contract to order
  • Generating a collective file containing branding to be sent to the supplier
  • Branding elements are to be defined at the category tree level
  • Creating branding dictionaries and importing graphic files
  • Defining and editing seasons, as well as setting dates for them
  • Based on the season data, SilkPLM will calculate the margin and send appropriate notifications

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