It is possible to add dictionaries on your own to define category attributes.

After clicking   and  , you can see all dictionaries defined, both ours and the ones entered permanently into system.

Let's try and create a dictionary, which will be used by us in a products category.

For example, we sell a few variants of dog food. For young, middle, big and hypoallergenic dogs. Instead of creating 4 different subcategories for main category "Dog Good", let's create a dictionary-type field, which we will be able to choose suitable attribute from.

To create the dictionary, go to  then  and   and  .

To add our dictionary, click  , put the name for our dictionary, for example „Type of Dog Food” and click  .

You can see that in Dictionary tab, the dictionary has been displayed:

Now, let's add fields to our dictionary. To do it, go to   then   and click on the desired dictionary.

In the opened tab, add words to our dictionary. Click  , put a word, for example: "Hypoallergenic" and click  .

Repeat the previous action 3 times with words "Puppy", "Medium Dogs", "Large Dogs"

Congratulations. You have just created your first dictionary with fields you have entered.

Now, let's add our dictionary"Type of Dog Food" to "Dog Food" category.

To do it, choose  , click on the desired category and click  .

In the opened tab, choose Category Attributes, click  , with field "Type" choose Dictionary. 

You can see below that a field with a selection of available dictionaries defined by us has appeared. In this case, we have only "Type of Dog Food". Choose it, in the last field "Name", enter a name for this field (might be the same as a dictionary name). Click   and you can see, our dictionary has been assigned to "Dog Food" category.

Now, after adding a product in "Dog Food" category, you can see, our dictionary has been displayed (as a field to be choosen).


Adding, editing, deleting fields from dictionaries.

To add a new field to a dictionary or edit/delete an existing one, go to  then   and choose desired dictionary.

In this tab, you can add a new word, clicking   or choose a word you want to edit and click    .

Now in the tab with our word, after clicking   it is possible to change the name or delete the field.