While fulfilling fields for the new product, one of the first activities is to choose Category for our product.

After choosing adequate Category, in the field „Category symbol”, full symbol name is automatically created, based on the Symbols entered before in adequate Categories.

An example:
Creating main Category „Furniture”, put for example „F”.

As a subcategory for „Furniture”, put „Beds”. As a symbol of this subcategory put „B

Let's assume, there are many types of beds in subcategory "Beds". Put another subcategory for "Beds", for example "Storage Beds". As a symbol use "S". 

Alright. Now you want to add your product, which will be visible in „Storage Beds”.
From menu, choose   and click 

After choosing adequate Category, you can see „Category symbol” has been fulfilled automatically. 

Now you can see, how the name for a field has been created.