Category Attributes is an important and useful feature. 


It allows to add any number of fields, defining what features the Category has. 

Let's assume, main category is for example "Cookware" and its subcategory is "Pots"

Products in this Category (for example "Pot") should contain additional information, for example: What are the brands? What are the colors? What material are they made of?

To do it, choose from the tree category, subcategory you want to assign additional features and click 


In the opened tab, choose  and click  .

In the tab „New Category Attribute” there are two fields „Type” and „Name

There are following Field Types:

Text – It is the most popular type. In text field, you can assign any product attributes in any category. For example, brand, line, material, shape etc.
CheckBox – Field to check. For example, there are watches with and without batteries in stock, you choose with the checkbox, the one you want. 
Color Picker – User will be able to choose any color for any product. For example, there are T-shirts in stock and you want to add a color field, so you will be able to choose any color for the product in the easiest way.
Date  -  User will have an access to the calendar to choose a date. For example, there is food in stock and you want to have an expiration date for the product.
Intiger - Quantity. For example there are crayons in stock, with different quantity. For every box you want to have a field with quantity of crayons.
Currency - This is a floating point number, with currency choice, for example 3.45 USD. A client sells products in different counties so the price for each market should be defined.
Decimal - Decimal value to define base unit, for example "kg". Having different stocks, you will be able to put weight for each product. For example, you sell dog food with different weights. With this field it will be possible to define how much a product weights. 
Decimal with Unit - Floating point number with unit additionally defined. For example, there are bowls in the stock with different depths. With this field you will be able to define depth for each product with litres and millilitres.
Dictionary – After defining this field, user will be able to choose values from the defined list. You can read more about Dictionary field in "Dictionary" document. 

Choose  "Text" and name "Material" then, click 

Add second text field and name it "Collection"

You can see, after adding new product to our subcategory "Pots", in the tab with basic attributes, additional fields are being shown. In this case "Material" and "Collection". 


An example of adding different field type.

For example, in the Electronics stock, there are watches. For these products we want to put a field with checkbox, knowing if the watch has a battery or not. 


From the tree Category, choose "Watches" and click  .

In the opened tab, in Category Attributes, choose 

In the opened tab, field Type choose as Checkbox, and field Name name Batteries.

You can see, after adding a product in "Watches" Category, field "Batteries" is possible to be checked.